GROW your team’s GRIT

I have just finished two excellent books. The first is Angela Duckworth's Grit which explains the winning combination of passion and perseverance (or "grit") that powers high achievers. The second, is Daniel Coyle's Culture Code which reveals "the secrets of highly successful groups." Together these books offer learning to both nurture high achievers and create... Continue Reading →

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How to innovate across horizons

I have been exploring how organisations successfully drive innovation across horizons and deliver more than just incremental core growth. Alongside some clever consultants I listened to innovation leaders from LEGO, bp, Essity, Hitachi, Nissan and Unilever. Their generous input supported some detailed findings and from this I have picked out six key core elements which... Continue Reading →

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Ensure Win Win Goals

Goals are good for organisations and individuals If you have read John Doerr's Measure What Matters you will be very aware of the organisational benefits of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Backed with excellent examples, Doerr demonstrates that focus on prioritised, specific and action-oriented initiatives that flow from strategic priorities are critical for organisational success. He... Continue Reading →

Right Royal Brand Management

It might seem a little discourteous to say but the Royal Family is a major brand. They add something distinctive to our national identity, they attract tourists and as global ambassadors present a welcoming impression of the UK that even our politicians can't completely undo. The power behind this brand is, of course, the Queen... Continue Reading →

Challenge those critical assumptions early and hard

Patrick Radden Keefe's Empire of Pain is a compelling read for anyone, but especially those involved in marketing. Extensively researched it explores the history of the Sackler family, their private company Purdue Pharma and the introduction of OxyContin. It highlights greed, corruption, failures in regulation and unrestrained, ruthless marketing among the contributors to the opioid crisis in... Continue Reading →

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