Digitally drive a better brand experience

A recent survey revealed 89% of brand marketers expect to compete primarily on customer experience by 2016.

Despite this, delivering and differentiating customer experience remains a difficult challenge for brand leaders and managers. There is a big leap from consistent, engaging brand communication to a consistent, engaging customer experience. To achieve this you need to translate a brand purpose, positioning and personality into action for teams and individuals.

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My recent work consulting and training on brand growth has highlighted the huge potential for digitally based learning to make this leap both possible and affordable.

‘E-learning’, of course, is widely applied (often with little creativity) to address company training and compliance needs.  The digital medium, however, can offer so much more. Fully embraced it can enable brand leaders to explain, promote and deliver a better brand and customer experience. This reflects digital’s potential to engage and embed change with individual learning programmes.

One application of the digital potential is BRAND ON-BOARDING. Let’s imagine your ambition is to translate your brand promise and personality into a distinct, better customer experience. To realise this ambition you will need to get the organisation ‘on-board’ explaining the change and ensuring everyone understands what it means for their role and action.

By employing a digitally based BRAND ON-BOARDING approach you can rapidly reach across an organisation. Content can be tailored to specific teams and rapidly reach those not office based at the time and on a device that suits them.

Video and interactive bursts of content can explain with impact and engagement the opportunity, share senior management’s vision, showcase inspirational examples and demonstrate how specific roles support a better brand experience. All without the logistical challenge and opportunity cost of attended events in all company locations.

Most importantly, content can be structured into an individual learning programme that that can drive and embed positive action at the right pace for the learner. For example:

1. Inspiring, guiding and capturing an individual learner’s specific commitments to contribute to a better brand / customer experience.

2. Enabling the sharing of commitments, ideas and actions across teams. Commitments that are publicly visible are more likely to happen. Action by peers encourages this as the ‘social norm’ across an organisation.

Design can leverage Behavioural Economics learning. For example, ideas we personally create and own are seen as better, more valuable. Commitments that are written and shared with peers are also more likely to result in action.

3. Motivating change by providing entertaining, fun and risk free opportunities to learn and try new actions on-line. For example, role-playing dealing with a customer scenario and then uploading for feedback.

Digital learning enables remote learning at a pace, time and place that suits the learner. Showcasing colleagues that are delivering brand values and behaviours shows improvement is accessible for all.

4. Establishing a personal timetable for action that supports individual success and enables an organisation to track and benchmark progress.

Companies such as Make Sense,  Brightwave and Kineo are realising the potential of digital on-boarding to creatively and cost-effectively drive individual action. Growing demand for such expertise suggests it won’t long be before brand leaders are widely embracing digital learning to differentiate their brand experience.

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