Life Friendly Life Insurance

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It is difficult to get excited about financial products, particularly ‘death insurance’ but with Vitality Life Insurance I can get somewhere close. Here we have a Life Insurance that is designed and communicated with insight on how to change behaviour.

As Vitality recognise thinking about Life insurance is something we avoid. Without a prompt very few of us would bother purchasing. We are biased to focus on today, avoid thinking about the worst and inclined to underestimate the risk of serious illness or death. Vitality’s website starts by confronting this behaviour.


More fundamental is how the product is designed. Unlike the vast majority of Life Insurance products Vitality can’t be completely forgotten until a claim is required. The product rewards action that supports a healthy lifestyle today and tomorrow – offering discounts to help you to stop smoking, lose weight, and get fitter. In doing so it recognises our tendency to value what we can enjoy today more than equivalent benefits in the future. (Cunningly, those committed to staying healthy will usually be less risky and so warrant lower premiums).


Through participation in their reward scheme Vitality is sustaining a brand saliency (and positive associations) that competitors cannot generate. Linked to positive day to day action Vitality will benefit from our attraction to familiar brands and tendency to focus on experiences that affirm an original decision.

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Alongside product design I note communication that is behaviour change friendly. The endorsements from sporting greats such as Jonny Wilkinson, Sebastian Coe and Jessica Ennis reinforce a distinct choice and brand. We notice and remember brands that stand apart from alternatives and look to people we respect when making decisions.

Cleverly Vitality are building their distinctive brand assets. A consistent brand colour and the use a black dog connect all products and media. In using different sporting greats they can consistently sustain strong sporting associations without the pitfall of being attached to one personality.


So Vitality are yet to make Life Insurance exciting, but they are certainly building a behaviour friendly brand that is winning attention, market share and a growing global membership.

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