Super humans. Amazing work

In 2012, UK’s Channel 4 trailed their coverage of the London Paralympics with Meet the Superhumans.  It is a wonderful film that showcases disabled athletes in action and places the Paralympics firmly alongside the ‘ordinary Olympics’ as the pinnacle of sporting achievement. I’ve often used the 2012 trailer in workshops as an example of ‘perfect positioning’ – it remains the only film that regularly prompts applause from participants.

With almost 70% of viewers claiming that the 2012 games were the first time they had made an effort to watch the Paralympics (source: D&AD submission) it is a great example of persuasive communication in support of behaviour change. If you haven’t seen the trailer, you can see it below.

Four years on and the superhuman positioning remains. The new film’s content and ambition, however, have advanced significantly. The trailer this time showcases much more than just the talents of disabled athletes.

In 2012 supported by the sound-track ‘harder than you think’  we were inspired to see  disabled athletes differently. In 2016 set to the song ‘Yes I can’ the constraints and limitations we might instinctively associate with disability are confronted. The result is once again a creative and thought-provoking success.

Behind the creative success is perhaps a bigger strategic one. The superhuman ‘positioning’ (as we marketers like to call it) is emphatically evidenced again and the challenge to our prejudices remains as bold 4 years on.  Judge for yourself…

More information and a series of short Superhuman films can be found on the Channel 4 website: Super Humans

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