Pop-ups that challenge perceptions

In a recent workshop we explored the potential for ‘pop-up’ brand experiences to challenge and change brand perceptions. Some examples that supported our thinking are captured below.

It was clear that pop-ups can offer more than short-lived publicity. Consider Kate Spade where they are a distinctive part of brand engagement or Magnum that has now opened a permanent ‘Pleasure Bar’ in Singapore.  (We concluded a pop-up may be short-lived, but should not limited by short-term thinking).


Here’s 6 examples of pop-up experiences designed to challenge perceptions:

1.  Maison Carte D’Or

Maison-Carte-Dor-Store-1 (1).jpg

A tub in a supermarket freezer cabinet has little scope to communicate the quality and possibilities of the Carte D’Or brand. The Maison Carte D’Or pop-up in Paris does much more – introducing consumers (and restaurant owners too) to the expertise, quality and culinary creativity potential of the brand. The pop-up is one part of a connected brand experience that includes an inspiring website: Maison Carte D’Or

2.  Lidl Dill Restaurant

Dill was a restaurant in Stockholm secretly offering meals made from Lidl ingredients. The strength of the ‘pop-up’ is evident in the repeat (and filming) of the idea in London (Deluxe Restaurant) and Dublin (Secret Garden).

3.  Choose Love Charity Shop


The Choose Love shop was a disruptive experience where you could buy displayed products for refugees and “leave with nothing, and feel great.”  It was curated to create a direct connection with refugee needs and so is quite a contrast to an Oxfam shop.

4. Früt Fake Lingerie Store

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 17.34.19

Früt was created to look like a new lingerie boutique brand.  The idea was to challenge perceptions of Fruit of the Loom’s packaged underwear.  The idea is the same as Lidl – with the real brand revealed and shocked reactions filmed. The pop-up, however,  is set up specifically for filming (with a Victoria Secret’s model arriving to browse underwear) and so conveys less confidence than Lidl: Früt film

5.  H&M Conscious Exhibition


H&M’s eco-minded collection made from either recycled or organic materials has been supported with capsules in major cities and a museum exhibition. The pop-ups support  a H&M statement of leadership and intent – to show the “the world what’s possible and to overcome all limits.”

6.  Richard’s Deli


Hellmann’s Mayonnaise was created by New York deli owners Richard and Margaret.  Richard’s New York deli in Antwerp took consumers back to the brand’s beginning.  It was only available for 2 weeks which is surprising given the brand story telling potential: A New York Deli in Antwerp.

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