Persil’s muddy marvellous activation

Persil is a brilliant brand – it promises the core benefit of ‘dirt removal’ and connects this to a social purpose. As Unilever explain: “Dirt is Good – especially when it’s the result of your kids going out into the world to have fun, explore, learn and experience the very best of the world around us.”

This weekend for the first time in my life (at least outside of a workshop) I was prompted to consider Persil.

img_3823 (2)

I participated in my local Park Run in exceptionally soggy conditions and like most runners I finished with mud-caked clothes and trainers.

So a surprising gift of a small pack of Persil waiting for me at the finishing line had a timely relevance and great value – a reward for a slippery Saturday morning run and some help for mud removal.

Timely, relevant, surprising, rewarding – and distinctly Persil – this ‘activation’ is aligned with initiatives across 78 countries such as supporting Outdoor Classroom Days.


The sample pack was followed with an email a few days later with the opportunity to download Persil branded personal photos for sharing on social media – with the added incentive of winning some more detergent. A call to park runners to show their friends and family dirt is good.

screenshot 2019-01-28 at 19.35.30

All in all, a muddy marvellous example of a brand that knows its purpose and the importance of engaging the right audience at the right time.

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