Good Clean Brand Thinking

Travelling by tube recently I simply couldn’t ignore this advertising from Ecover.


To start with there are the provocative, witty and challenging headlines capable of the grabbing attention of most commuters. Loud headlines are matched with loud colours – with posters showcased together for maximum impact.

Disruptive, distinct and connected – there is a structure, personality, and style that ensures I can recognise it as Ecover advertising.


This distinctive identity is not limited to brand communication and was very evident in the presentation of their 2 day pop-up in London last year. The Rubbish Cafe’s challenging experience aligns with advertising. Cafe customers are prompted to rethink the value of their rubbish by being able to pay for their food or drink with recyclable plastic waste.


Screenshot 2019-02-20 at 18.58.33

This integrated, impactful and fun communication provides a strong platform for Ecover innovation.  Developments such as a “50% post-consumer recycled resin bottle top” may be an example of leading sustainability but most consumers have better things to do than study the virtues of specific materials.  Instead Ecover invites consumers to join an enthusiastic, action-orientated movement pushing for progress – a much more engaging approach.

Screenshot 2019-02-21 at 18.48.58

Importantly this distinctive communication has a strategic focus. This is a brand that wants to create and own a more stretching and sustainable definition of clean – the core category benefit.

Screenshot 2019-02-21 at 10.17.36

There is a lot to like and learn from this Ecover work… which, of course, means a lot of people like me are writing, posting and sharing articles about it.

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