When ‘Chip Happens’ go home.

In these uncertain times we should probably be classifying ice cream as medicinal. Unfortunately, with restaurants closed, cinemas shut and trips cancelled many of those out-of-home moments where we get the ice cream urge have temporarily gone. The sales impact has led to Unilever, the owner of the Ben & Jerry’s and Magnum brands to help struggling vendors and franchise owners with subsidies, fee-waiving or credit availability.

The dramatic increase in at-home consumption is an opportunity for Unilever to offset some of the out-of-home slide. But ice cream now competes with the food essentials getting priority treatment in consumer freezers and must displace snacks filling fridges and cupboards.

Unilever’s brands have responded to these challenges with the focus and positivity we all need in a pandemic. Since Covid-19 changed global eating habits Magnum and Ben & Jerry’s activation and innovation has become single-mindedly ‘homeward bound’. Here’s some April 2020 examples:

Ben & Jerry’s Moo-phoria Poppin’ Popcorn

This new Ben & Jerry’s flavour is designed to fit a home film viewing occasion and capitalises on fast growing popcorn popularity. As a lighter, reduced calorie ice cream it offers a low guilt option that popcorn fans will appreciate.

Ben & Jerry’s Chips Happens

The importance of a strong association with Netflix is already evident in Ben & Jerry’s Netflix & Chilled flavours. This latest Chip Happens ‘botched’ flavour limited edition links to the popular Netflix Nailed It bake-off competition where contestants often botch their baking masterpieces. Deliberate or otherwise Chip Happens summarises our current situation well.

Make My Magnum Home Kits

Magnum have created and are giving away ‘Make My Magnum’ kits for at-home personalisation – providing an outlet for the time-filling creativity that has led to a surge in home baking. Available only from Deliveroo it will remind those visiting the delivery apps site that a Magnum is minutes away with home delivery.

Magnum Instagram Live Cocktail Hour

This global Instagram Live event recently took Magnum fans stuck at home through the steps of creating a Daiquiri-inspired Magnum dessert. Targeting the end of the week where indulgence will be more permissable, it is a reminder that Magnum is an exciting and creative dessert menu option.

Alongside these innovation and activations brand websites now prominently push the opportunity for delivery. The UK Ben & Jerry’s home page takes you to a choice of instant or slower, supermarket home delivery. There are also promotions and exclusives such as Ben & Jerry’s Berry Sweet Mascarpone for Wholefoods to capture consideration on retailer websites. Everything rightly shows a sharp focus on the shift to home delivery and at-home consumption.

Well almost everything. Last week Nike announced a ‘Chunky Dunky’ sneaker collaboration with Ben and Jerry’s that is based on the iconic “Chunky Monkey” flavour.

It is said “good shoes take you good places,” so why not?!?

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