Merry / Mariah Christmas

Christmas is a crowded time for advertisers. Supermarkets compete for a share of your lunch, dormant perfume brands awake with new bottle designs and retirement-age singers push Christmas collections. On top of that you have all-conquering organisations like Amazon showing their sensitive side and enduring names like Coca-Cola reassuring you that things remain as you remember them.

Standing out from this stampede of brand attention seeking is difficult. But, here are three brands that I think have cracked it for Christmas 2021…


Once again Tesco have connected with the context. A film created before the arrival of the Omnicrom variant and UK plans to mandate Covid passes fits the national situation and mood perfectly. Also, good to see Santa has responsibly got vaccinated before going to work.


Ok, McDonalds admittedly are not the first to attach themselves to Mariah Carey’s Christmas credentials. The addition of a Mariah menu, however, makes it both an attention worthy and action oriented idea. Clearly McDonald’s have decided “all they want for Christmas” is a lot of traffic to their ordering app.

Posten Norge

This is a disruptive and newsworthy film. It simultaneously celebrates and provides a proof point for an inclusive Norway and wider societal progress. It can certainly be argued that this Norwegian postal company offers a more credible voice for this inclusive message than social platforms which can often divide.

Merry (or perhaps Mariah) Christmas to everyone I have worked with in 2021!

I have shared short clips from each film. If you would like to see the full versions here are the links: Posten, Tesco, and McDonald’s.

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