Fully applying the power of collaboration?

The Pepsi sponsored Super Bowl halftime show with around 100 million viewers and massive media attention is a big occasion for big brands. In 2022, it was undoubtedly hip hop and, in particular 56 year old Dr Dre, who made the most of their “one moment”

Watch the half-time show courtesy of the NFL and Pepsi: 2022

Dre with Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar and Eminem showcased hip-hop at its heyday best in a disruptively surprising NFL stadium setting. Positive reviews have been followed by a surge in streaming and sales of the songs performed. New material and ventures by those on stage will no doubt emerge soon.

The 2022 show was a superb example of the benefits of collaboration. All artists have a track record of partnering with producer Dre. Individually successful and distinctive they seamlessly connected to deliver more than was possible alone in the Florida stadium.

For those outside the music industry it may be more challenging, but collaboration will probably be more critical to staying on top. Possessing all the capabilities needed to continually win alone will be extremely unlikely. Of course, as with Super Bowl shows, exceptions are possible.

Those with the breadth of capabilities to keep winning alone are exceptional. View Prince’s half-time show: 2007

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