Listen longer, adapt faster.

I am missing the energy and interaction of a workshop in a real room. That said, I can concede that virtually delivered projects in these Covid-constrained times can prove more effective. A good example is a recent project for Unilever. Our project objective was to determine the key business model and capability developments that would... Continue Reading →

Loop, the zero waste winner?

Zero waste shops can now be found on 100’s of high streets across the UK. Most are independent start-ups, launched by those seeking to be a catalyst for the behaviour change needed to avert a climate crisis. With more consumers seeking to avoid unnecessary and single-use packaging it is not just climate concerned individuals seeing... Continue Reading →

Have a happier 2019

There is compelling evidence that when we are happier and positive we are more successful. Shaun Acker calls this the “happiness advantage" and highlights a review of 225 academic studies, by researchers Sonja Lyubomirsky, Laura King, and Ed Diener that found causality between life satisfaction and successful business outcomes. Put another away if you want... Continue Reading →

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