Beautifully designed to grow.

At a time when investors are hesitating, British ceramics brand Emma Bridgewater has secured an £8m investment to support growth. It is a big expression of confidence for the pottery company established in 1985 that has organically grown revenues beyond £20m. Like the company's ceramics this investment is eye-catching and led me to reflect on... Continue Reading →

It’s Disney, so hope for a happy ending.

Disney has assembled an incredible portfolio of brands and companies including Marvel, Fox Studios, Lucas Films, ESPN and Pixar. Disney is a case-study of a diverse business that has made bold decisions to remain relevant. Strong story-telling franchises ensure cross-generation appeal and are translated into engaging experiences via theme parks or resorts globally. The company... Continue Reading →

Deliveroo can deliver BIG

Amazon likes Deliveroo, so much so the company has offered to invest £385m into the food delivery company. Encouragingly for Amazon the Competition and Markets authority have indicated they were minded to approve the acquisition of a 16% stake with a final decision due soon. Covid-19 has undoubtedly accelerated the consumer move to online apps... Continue Reading →

If only Kraft Heinz had learned more from Unilever

Two years ago Kraft Heinz audaciously tried to takeover Unilever.  It was a move that put both companies strategies and growth prospects into the spotlight. As former Unilever CEO Paul Polman summarised, it was a "clash between a long-term, sustainable business model for multiple stakeholders and a model ...entirely focused on shareholder primacy." With Kraft Heinz's... Continue Reading →

Should Starbucks be scared?

Coca-Cola’s surprise purchase of Costa Coffee, the world's no.2 coffee chain, is an intriguing move for a business that has no track record as a retailer. The price of £3.9 billion (16 times Costa's annual earnings) suggests Coca-Cola see a big opportunity.  So should Starbucks, the leading global coffee chain, be scared? Room for two... Continue Reading →


The new MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE film looks like a big success. Audience reviews are extremely positive and the indications are that this will the biggest grossing film for the franchise. After 22 years and 6 instalments the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE brand health and sales are strong. There is no doubt the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE brand has been carefully managed. But, as... Continue Reading →

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