Courageous confidence

The new TENA #Ageless campaign has a made a bold start. The 60-second film features older women discussing their attitudes to sex, incontinence and their 'maturing' bodies. As Sarah Douglas, CEO, AMV BBDO, explains “We are challenging society’s damaging perceptions around incontinence for women and celebrating all that women are." Challenge perceptions of ageing and incontinence... Continue Reading →

Good Clean Brand Thinking

Travelling by tube recently I simply couldn't ignore this advertising from Ecover. To start with there are the provocative, witty and challenging headlines capable of the grabbing attention of most commuters. Loud headlines are matched with loud colours - with posters showcased together for maximum impact. Disruptive, distinct and connected - there is a structure,... Continue Reading →

10 ways to claim victory

Product innovation is an expensive and risky business. Consumer reluctance to change behaviour, retailer resistance to list or competitor retaliation can all lead to defeat. Powerful, well communicated claims are therefore an important part of the brand arsenal - an opportunity to present your brand as the winning choice with less risk, time and cost.... Continue Reading →

Misleading maybe, but fair enough.

'Hybrid estate' agent Purple Bricks has increased UK instructions by 83% in the last 12 months and apparently are on-track to be market leader within 2 years.  Key to this growth is a disruptive proposition that has been communicated with provocative, comparative advertising. Purple Bricks offers a low, fixed fee for marketing a property – a distinct... Continue Reading →

Super humans. Amazing work

In 2012, UK's Channel 4 trailed their coverage of the London Paralympics with Meet the Superhumans.  It is a wonderful film that showcases disabled athletes in action and places the Paralympics firmly alongside the 'ordinary Olympics' as the pinnacle of sporting achievement. I've often used the 2012 trailer in workshops as an example of 'perfect... Continue Reading →

B2B decision friendly advertising

Accenture is business doing very well. Brand value according to Millward Brown increased by 11% to $20,183M last year and the 2016 revenue forecast has been raised recently. One contributor to Accenture's success will be consistent and effective brand management. In particular brand communication that is decision-maker friendly. Let me explain: 1. Accenture has identified... Continue Reading →

Life Friendly Life Insurance

It is difficult to get excited about financial products, particularly 'death insurance' but with Vitality Life Insurance I can get somewhere close. Here we have a Life Insurance that is designed and communicated with insight on how to change behaviour. As Vitality recognise thinking about Life insurance is something we avoid. Without a prompt very... Continue Reading →

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