The seduction of a subscription model

In the UK today, there are c60 million people now using subscription services and last week Apple unveiled further choices. Subscription models offer a number of attractions for business owners. These include sustained and more predictable revenue,  increased customer engagement and a more confident calculation of lifetime customer value. In 2016 Unilever paid $1 billion for Dollar... Continue Reading →

Amazon’s well meaning disruption?

One of the things I help clients to do is see future scenarios. Given this I couldn’t resist considering where Amazon’s $1 billion PillPack acquisition may take them next. The purchase of prescription delivering PillPack is widely seen as a start of a consumer-centric push by Amazon into healthcare. Given Amazon's assets, scale and data could... Continue Reading →

Invite a crowd into your project

Informed by recent projects with Tesco and Unilever I discussed the benefits and implications of crowd sourcing in a joint presentation with Eyeka in London last week. I concluded that there is a compelling case for inviting the crowd into most ideation projects (which enables faster and more ambitious idea development internally). In addition to... Continue Reading →

Be more ambitious with your ideas

I’m lucky enough to be able to work with some of the biggest global brands on their innovation challenges. Facing competitors becoming leaner and faster these brands need bigger, more disruptive ideas delivered at speed. Below are three observations on how some brand teams are pushing us to fulfil their greater ambition. 1. They start... Continue Reading →

Connect to build innovation capability

According IBM's recent report, the nature of innovation is changing. Increasingly dependent on team work and collaboration, innovation has become "more open and increasingly occurs within economic ecosystems."   Successful organizations, IBM observe, are not afraid to experiment, are more likely to embrace open forms of innovation and also more likely to establish dedicated teams. The IBM report... Continue Reading →

Insight to better ignite ideas

Many of my recent projects have been focused on product or service innovation. My involvement often starts with preparation for idea generation activity. Part of this preparation almost always involves gathering and reviewing available insight into our target consumer and/or customer. I embrace this insight as a core ingredient (alongside other material) for both successful... Continue Reading →

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