Banksy brand appreciation.

I feel some discomfort defining Banksy as a brand. On the important attributes I am on solid ground: the artist's work is distinct, recognisable, and consistently purposeful in message. However, I suspect it is a label that the anonymous street artist who has deemed commercial success "a mark of failure" would dislike a lot. Labelling... Continue Reading →

Courageous confidence

The new TENA #Ageless campaign has a made a bold start. The 60-second film features older women discussing their attitudes to sex, incontinence and their 'maturing' bodies. As Sarah Douglas, CEO, AMV BBDO, explains “We are challenging society’s damaging perceptions around incontinence for women and celebrating all that women are." Challenge perceptions of ageing and incontinence... Continue Reading →

Coca-Cola’s “once in a generation” leadership opportunity

A UK Select Committee report on food and drink plastic packaging was published this month. It endorsed a number of government proposals to reduce environmental harm including the taxing of plastic packaging and introduction of a scheme where consumers pay an up-front deposit for drinks containers that can be reclaimed when they are returned. It... Continue Reading →

If only Kraft Heinz had learned more from Unilever

Two years ago Kraft Heinz audaciously tried to takeover Unilever.  It was a move that put both companies strategies and growth prospects into the spotlight. As former Unilever CEO Paul Polman summarised, it was a "clash between a long-term, sustainable business model for multiple stakeholders and a model ...entirely focused on shareholder primacy." With Kraft Heinz's... Continue Reading →

Good Clean Brand Thinking

Travelling by tube recently I simply couldn't ignore this advertising from Ecover. To start with there are the provocative, witty and challenging headlines capable of the grabbing attention of most commuters. Loud headlines are matched with loud colours - with posters showcased together for maximum impact. Disruptive, distinct and connected - there is a structure,... Continue Reading →

Tangible, visible commitment

For the third year the partnership between GSK and Save the Children has been voted “the most admired” by FTSE corporate and UK charity professionals. GSK already invests 20% of profits from developing regions into healthcare access, but this partnership brings something different - in particular the depth of organisational involvement. The partnership involves R&D expertise... Continue Reading →

Just a small Change Please

There is much to like with the new social enterprise scheme being trialled in London that gives homeless people the opportunity to staff coffee carts and earn a living wage. This not-for-profit initiative addresses a growing problem with rough sleeping in London having increased by 80 per cent since 2010. It is backed and inspired... Continue Reading →

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