Merry / Mariah Christmas

Christmas is a crowded time for advertisers. Supermarkets compete for a share of your lunch, dormant perfume brands awake with new bottle designs and retirement-age singers push Christmas collections. On top of that you have all-conquering organisations like Amazon showing their sensitive side and enduring names like Coca-Cola reassuring you that things remain as you... Continue Reading →

It’s Disney, so hope for a happy ending.

Disney has assembled an incredible portfolio of brands and companies including Marvel, Fox Studios, Lucas Films, ESPN and Pixar. Disney is a case-study of a diverse business that has made bold decisions to remain relevant. Strong story-telling franchises ensure cross-generation appeal and are translated into engaging experiences via theme parks or resorts globally. The company... Continue Reading →

Amazon Vs Santa

Loved by parents and children, the iconic Santa brand has retained an iron-like grip on Christmas gift delivery - at least until now.  Jeff Bezos and his, trillion-dollar, Amazon brand plan to end the Santa monopoly. A festive fight comes at a difficult time for the Santa brand which is facing criticism for institutional male... Continue Reading →

A final push!

This year's London Marathon was an incredible (if slightly hot) experience.  Thank you to everyone who wished me well, donated money or put up with my emails! My fundraising will finish on the 19th May with the Gothenburg half marathon. If you can make a contribution that would be fantastic. If you can find a... Continue Reading →

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