Listen longer, adapt faster.

I am missing the energy and interaction of a workshop in a real room. That said, I can concede that virtually delivered projects in these Covid-constrained times can prove more effective. A good example is a recent project for Unilever. Our project objective was to determine the key business model and capability developments that would... Continue Reading →

Workshops that win by a distance.

Keeping a safe social distance means changes for workshops. With technology such as TEAMS, Zoom or WhatsApp ready to help, the challenge is creating a remote experience that maximises engagement and productivity. Your participants are likely to be spending plenty of time on conference calls and may not relish more. So when planning think about... Continue Reading →

Visualise More Success

New research has got me thinking about the relative importance of images and words in persuasive communication. We know there is power in the right image. People process pictures instantly, are hard wired to recognize emotions, find images easier to remember and don't read beyond headlines. Studies also show adding photos increases the believability of... Continue Reading →

Invite a crowd into your project

Informed by recent projects with Tesco and Unilever I discussed the benefits and implications of crowd sourcing in a joint presentation with Eyeka in London last week. I concluded that there is a compelling case for inviting the crowd into most ideation projects (which enables faster and more ambitious idea development internally). In addition to... Continue Reading →

Be more ambitious with your ideas

I’m lucky enough to be able to work with some of the biggest global brands on their innovation challenges. Facing competitors becoming leaner and faster these brands need bigger, more disruptive ideas delivered at speed. Below are three observations on how some brand teams are pushing us to fulfil their greater ambition. 1. They start... Continue Reading →

10 ways to a wonderful workshop

Facilitation is an integral part of my consultancy role and recent workshops have ranged from problem-solving, to idea generation and team capability. Agendas vary but they all share an expectation of a great collaborative experience that delivers excellent results. Here's 10 tips for wonderful workshop results 'facilitated' by my recent experience: 1. Start with an... Continue Reading →

Insight to better ignite ideas

Many of my recent projects have been focused on product or service innovation. My involvement often starts with preparation for idea generation activity. Part of this preparation almost always involves gathering and reviewing available insight into our target consumer and/or customer. I embrace this insight as a core ingredient (alongside other material) for both successful... Continue Reading →

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