Navigating your way

There are more than 80 articles on this blog so I have captured some guidance on how to explore and find the articles that are most likely to appeal.

1. Pick and Mix

The front page features all publicly available posts with the most recent at the top of the page. Click on the ‘older posts’ button at the bottom of the page to reveal more.

To return to the front page simply click on the Brand Universe logo and browse again!

2. Search the site

You can search words, phrases and brand / company names with the search function inside the black bar at the top of every page.

3. Explore a category

Each article is attributed to a least one category. The categories relevant to the article you are reading are shown at the bottom by the open folder symbol. Clicking on one of the categories (e.g. “innovation” above) will take you to other articles in the same category.

If you want to browse different categories go right to the bottom of the page where you have a category search drop-down menu.

4. Translation

You have the option to translate articles effortlessly with the Google translate button at the slide of each article.

I hope this extra bit of direction enhances your Brand Universe brand experience!

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