What can marketers learn from Labour’s leadership election?

The UK Labour party have a new leader.  Jeremy Corbyn has achieved a major victory over Yvette Cooper, Andy Burnham and Liz Kendalle. Credit and congratulations go to Corbyn who following 90 days of campaigning secured 59% of the votes from the 400,000+ who participated. The result is also a lesson in the importance of accessibility,... Continue Reading →

Discovering when to rob a bank

'When to rob a bank' is, in fact, the latest book from the Freakonomics co-authors and the reason Stephen Dubner recently visited London.  Sourced from a decade of blog articles it provides numerous (often provocative) observations on decisions that appear to be wrong - at least from the perspective of rational economics. These include the way we... Continue Reading →

A Behavioural Economics nudge to the big rules of brand growth

My thinking has certainly been shaped by the likes of Dan Ariely, Richard Thaler and particularly Daniel Kahneman. More importantly, I have seen the consideration of relevant behavioural biases and influences support improvements for clients with marketing or innovation challenges. I therefore embrace Behavioural Economics as something that offers actionable benefits for brand leaders. However,... Continue Reading →

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