Behavioural insight to beat skin cancer

In a recent workshop I used the brilliant example of skin care brand Sol De Janeiro to demonstrate the value of understanding behaviour. It is an example worth sharing... Sol De Janeiro with Ogilvy Brazil created ‘Tattoo Skin Cancer Check’ to increase early detection of skin cancer - the most common type in Brazil, with a rising incidence among... Continue Reading →

Just a small Change Please

There is much to like with the new social enterprise scheme being trialled in London that gives homeless people the opportunity to staff coffee carts and earn a living wage. This not-for-profit initiative addresses a growing problem with rough sleeping in London having increased by 80 per cent since 2010. It is backed and inspired... Continue Reading →

A Behavioural Economics nudge to the big rules of brand growth

My thinking has certainly been shaped by the likes of Dan Ariely, Richard Thaler and particularly Daniel Kahneman. More importantly, I have seen the consideration of relevant behavioural biases and influences support improvements for clients with marketing or innovation challenges. I therefore embrace Behavioural Economics as something that offers actionable benefits for brand leaders. However,... Continue Reading →

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