Behavioural insight to beat skin cancer

In a recent workshop I used the brilliant example of skin care brand Sol De Janeiro to demonstrate the value of understanding behaviour. It is an example worth sharing... Sol De Janeiro with Ogilvy Brazil created ‘Tattoo Skin Cancer Check’ to increase early detection of skin cancer - the most common type in Brazil, with a rising incidence among... Continue Reading →

Life Friendly Life Insurance

It is difficult to get excited about financial products, particularly 'death insurance' but with Vitality Life Insurance I can get somewhere close. Here we have a Life Insurance that is designed and communicated with insight on how to change behaviour. As Vitality recognise thinking about Life insurance is something we avoid. Without a prompt very... Continue Reading →

Digitally drive a better brand experience

A recent survey revealed 89% of brand marketers expect to compete primarily on customer experience by 2016. Despite this, delivering and differentiating customer experience remains a difficult challenge for brand leaders and managers. There is a big leap from consistent, engaging brand communication to a consistent, engaging customer experience. To achieve this you need to... Continue Reading →

What can marketers learn from Labour’s leadership election?

The UK Labour party have a new leader.  Jeremy Corbyn has achieved a major victory over Yvette Cooper, Andy Burnham and Liz Kendalle. Credit and congratulations go to Corbyn who following 90 days of campaigning secured 59% of the votes from the 400,000+ who participated. The result is also a lesson in the importance of accessibility,... Continue Reading →

Don’t misbehave. Prompt the real decision

Richard Thaler was in London this month discussing his new book Misbehaving. It chronicles the development of Behavioural Economics, how this challenged established rational models of economics and the growing practical application by governments globally. (Most notably the UK Behavioural Insights Team which Thaler has supported). It was Thaler’s response to one of the final... Continue Reading →

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